The embodiment of honesty and reality combined with an unique perspective and soulful beats is how many would describe Hip-Hop artist Thad Reid. But what separates this Virginia-born rhymesayer could be his ability to do what many current artists cannot, and that is, relate.

You could be familiar with Thad through his string of indie radio successes “Top of the Heights”, “They Don’t Like Me”, and “The Reason”, or his solid internet media exposure on sites such as, and Boasting a diverse fanbase, Thad’s songs act as a voice for an under-represented population in today’s music scene, the average hard working person doing their best to provide and make sense of their environment. It’s those types of stories told from his perspective that make many a true believer in his artistry.

After gracing many stages with indie hip-hop mainstay Doujah Raze, in 2006 Thad would release his first independent album, “Memorial Day” to critical acclaim.  Highlighted by the first single, “They Don’t Like Me”, the album garnered much praise in indie hip-hop circles, specifically the sample-based soulful production which was handled by Kevlar and frequent collaborator The Ologist.  Later that year Thad would follow up with a mixtape titled “No Beat is Safe Vol. 2”, and then a string of releases over the next few years which would include the popular single “The Reason”,  and full length project “The Attic” in 2013.

Though some would consider Thad to be a hip-hop veteran, his loyal fan base continues to grow everyday.  Currently finishing up his new project “Unadulterated Reid”, he promises that this will be his most musically diverse project to date. But even with that it is important to remember who he is at his core. He is relative, he is honest, he is hip-hop. He is…Blue Collar Music.